How to use a Bath Bomb

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How to use a Bath Bomb

The first time we here at team Soakey Dokey ever experienced a bath bomb it was a gift. Frankly, we had no idea what to do with it, lol! We had LOTS of questions that are quite common for first time bath bomb users. 

Do you just throw it in the tub? Do I use the whole thing? Will it stain the tub? Will it stain ME????

The answers, as it turned out, were: Yes, Sure!, nope, and nope : ) 

Do you just throw it in the tub?: 

To use a bath bomb, all you have to do is fill up your tub, toss it in there, and watch it go! You can expect the bath bomb to create a ton of fizz, all while adding colors, fragrance, salts and coconut oil into your bath. It's your one stop shop for a luxurious bathing experience! 

Do you use the whole thing?: 

Our bath bombs are larger than a lot of our competitors. We typically offer a 4.5 ounce bath bomb, while many companies settle for 2.5 ounces, which in our opinion is just too small to get a great bath out of. So while your certainly welcome to cut your bath bomb in half (we did with our first one so we could try it out and get an idea of what to expect), we recommend just tossing the whole thing in there to get the full experience. 

Will it stain the tub?: 

We choose our colorants carefully, so that we can provide a bath bomb that will wonderfully color you water, not your tub! Since we opened our doors in the bath bomb world, out of the thousands of customers we've been blessed with (WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!) we've had ONE person contact us with concerns about one of our bombs staining their tub. In that isolated case they had had a special enamel applied to their tub. However, this was easily remedied by simply applying a surfectant to the tub and gently scrubbing. 

Will it stain me. 

Nope! Though when I first tried a bathbomb, this was a concern of mine. I didn't want to end up going in to work the next day looking like a smurf! I'm happy to report that this has never once happened to us or any of our customers. : ) 

Will it clog my drain?: 

This is a good question we get occasionally, and an important one. A bath bomb will dissolve completely in the water, so it will not clog your drain. However, some of our bath bombs come with flower buds or other toppings. When using those we recommend you use a simple drain catcher, as those could potentially clog a drain until they dissolve. This prevents you from having to collect every piece of oatmeal or ever Lavender bud when your bath is over. : )

So in summary, feel free to fill up the tub, pop in a Soakey Dokey Handmade Bath Bomb, and enjoy!  



  • Oliver Ray

    It is good to know that a bath bomb won’t stain you or your tub. I’ve never used a bath bomb and was actually worried I might have to take a shower after hot relaxing bath time to get the dye off. Maybe I will have to get some bath bombs soon so I can relax and not worry so much.

  • Maple Holistics

    Karen Gillan used the Nebula one.

  • Jennifer Geller

    How do you use a bubble bar?

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