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Here's a question we get pretty regularly from people who are just learning about what a bath bomb is. Do Bath Bombs make bubbles?? The answer, is, well, kind of? lol.  So when you use a bath bomb, you can expect it to swirl and foam and color the water (especially if it's a Soakey Dokey Bath Bomb ;) but it doesn't quite fill the tub with bubbles like you might expect from bubble bath or a Bubbly Bar. Here's an image showing how you might expect a bath bomb to perform. In this case this is our Sunset Bath Bomb.  See...

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When we first started making bath bombs, one of our biggest challenges was getting the darned things to dry! Below are a few different approaches you can take to help your bath bombs dry. 

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What's better than a bathtub full of wonderful bath bomb goodness?? A bathtub that's filled with bath bomb AND Bubble bar goodness!!! :)  One of the most common questions we get is what is / how do I use a bubble bar?  For starters, bubble bars are kind of like solid bubble bath. While bath bombs are meant to release oils and salts for you to soak in, bubble bars are for, well, BUBBLES!!! And while they come in many different shapes and sizes, they all pretty much operate the same way.  The best way to use your bubble bar...

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