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Here's a question we get pretty regularly from people who are just learning about what a bath bomb is. Do Bath Bombs make bubbles?? The answer, is, well, kind of? lol.  So when you use a bath bomb, you can expect it to swirl and foam and color the water (especially if it's a Soakey Dokey Bath Bomb ;) but it doesn't quite fill the tub with bubbles like you might expect from bubble bath or a Bubbly Bar. Here's an image showing how you might expect a bath bomb to perform. In this case this is our Sunset Bath Bomb.  See...

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Make Koolaid bath bombs using every day ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. Super easy and cheap project to do with the kids!   Ingredients:1 Cup Baking Soda1/2 Table Salt3/4 Capful Vegetable Oil5-8 sprays of 50/50 Lemon Juice and Water (Lemon Juice Optional)Mix all ingredients in a bowl, and pack into mold. Remove from mold and let dry for approx 2 hours. Subscribe on Youtube: www.soakeydokey.comFollow us on Twitter and Instagram! @soakeydokeyFacebook:

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