Candle Set Pick 3 - Scented Soy Blend Candles - 7 oz

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We got tired of only being able to find boring white vanilla flavored soy candles, so we decided to make our own! And just like our bath bombs, bubble bars, and soaps, we packed them full of color and fragrance! :) This listing includes 3 candles of your choice.

Candles are approx. 7 oz each, and are hand poured into cute little mason jars. :) AND you can choose from over 20 types!

All are made with soy paraffin blend wax. Colorful and a unique selection of fragrances. These ain't your grandma's candles! ;)

Just add a note to your order with the types you would like or send me a message here :)

Calm The Frick Down!- Stress relief fragrance blend, herbal lavender
Legendary-Nag Champa and earthy oakmoss
Vixen- Jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood
Cougar- Rose and jasmine
Badassery-Cactus and sea salt
Goat-Wildflowers and herbs
Tempest-Lavender and gardenia
Jam Session- Blackberry jam
Melon Drop- Mango and melon
Sugar Rush- Cranberry and orange
Tsunami- Lavender and lemongrass
Savage- Dark Kiss BBW type
Bitch Craft- Clove with smokey cedar and hints of orange
Charmed- Argan Magic shampoo type
Jinx- Gardenia and sandalwood
Jitters- Coffee and chocolate
Dusk- Blackberry and sage
Awesome Sauce- Apple and berries
Adorbs- White peach and hibiscus
Bijou- Pink champagne
Bye Felicia- Love Spell VS type
Chillin- White tea and ginger

Glass Mason jar, 100% Soy wax, cotton wick, dye, and fragrance oil.

7 oz of 100% Soy wax, in a 4" Mason Jar. 


For best results, trim your wick to 1/4 inch before use. Let the candle burn long enough to melt 1/2" of wax to prevent tunneling and extend the life of your candle. Never burn candle all the way to the bottom. Reuse or recycle your jar when there is about 1/2" of wax left.



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