Box o Bombs!! (approximately 30-40 bath bombs)

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In our never ending pursuit for the perfect bath bomb making method, we end up making a lot of them that just don't look the way we like them to look. As a result, we end up with lots of extras every now and again. And since we (unfortunately) can't take non stop baths all day (maybe someday...), we offering them to YOU at a steeply discounted price! :) 

This listing is for a box 12x10x5" box full of bath bombs : ) All of them will have some issues. Expect these bombs to be broken, chipped, warped, or otherwise damaged in some way. Also expect multiples of the same bath bombs, though *when I can* I try to add as much variety as possible. The box itself seems to be able to hold around 35 or so bath bombs, sometimes more, sometimes less. But it'll be packed with as many as I can get in there :) 

That said, when you toss them in the tub they should still perform just like our regular bombs do! 


Get them now while supplies lasts! (otherwise you'll have to wait until I screw up another batch, lol). 

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