6 pack bath bombs large 6 oz bath bomb fizzy fizzies

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What you will receive:
6 of our LARGE 6oz handmade bath bombs (made in the USA!) :)

Included bath fizzies:

Rosalie - Rose colored, topped with rose petals, and smells like real roses!

Mellon Ball: Who doesn't love cucumber mellon?

Sunshine: Topped with bronze body shimmer and scented with sunny citrus fragrances, you'll LOVE soaking in this awesome combination while thinking of sunny days!

Jazz: Sweet and Sultry fragrance with splashes of color on a pink base.

Cupid's Arrow - Heart shaped, with candy toppings. A mix of mango and vanilla.

Nebula - A mix of citrus, sage and other wonderful fragrances.


Um, what is a bath bomb / how do I use it???
Never tried a bath bomb?? Yay!!! You're going to love it! A bath bomb is a product that you toss into a full bath tub and ENJOY! It's got skin nourishing oils, beautiful fragrances, and AWESOME colors! It'll fizz, spin, and turn your tub into your own little personal spa!

What ingredients do we use:
Our bath bombs are made from baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt (who doesn't love a good epsom bath!!), coconut oil so that your skin feels smoooooooooth!), kaolin clay, food coloring, and fragrance oil. We don't like to soak in industrial chemicals so you won't find ANY polysorbate 80 or SLS or SLSA in our bath bombs :)

Will this stain my tub?:
NOPE! In the years we've been doing this we've received ZERO complaints of our bath bombs staining anyones tub. :) The FDA approved colorants we use do a great job of keeping your tub stained free! :) :)

My package arrived damaged!!! Do I have to deal with the post office now???:
Still NOPE! :) We do our best to protect these bombs in shipping (seriously, we protect the heck out of these!!), but every now and then that doesn't stop the post office from accidentally running them over and delivering you a box of powder :( :( But NO WORRIES! This happens infrequently enough that if yours show up powdered, we simply ask that you let us know which ones you need replaced and we'll ship them out free of charge! :) You'll be hard pressed to find a competitor to offer that :)

Do you have videos of your bath bombs working?
YUP! Scroll a little further down and you'll see our standard video of one of our bombs fizzing, OR you can just search #soakeydokey on Instagram and watch all the videos our AMAZING customers have posted. (Seriously, you guys and gals on Insta are the BEST!!!)

Do you offer other products?
You betcha! you can click on our ebay store to see other offerings, OR you can go to www.soakeydokey.com to see our whole product catalog of soaps, scrubs, CUPCAKES!!!, bubble bars, DONUTS!!!, and all sorts of wonderful bath time goodness!!!

All Natural, Organic, Skin Soothing / Moisturizing, Coconut Oil, Epsom Salts. Citric Acid. Watch our video below and see how fizzy our bath bombs really are!



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