Citric Acid Powder for Bath Bombs

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This listing is for (1) bag of citric acid. Perfect for bath bombs, organic food recipes, canning, or beer / winemaking. Product typically ships same day (if order placed before 3pm).      Details:
  • Anhydrous Citric Acid. 
  • 100% Pure 
  • Non GMO 
  • Food Grade.
  • Fine Grain.
  • Bath Bombs - This Fine Grain citric acid is perfect for making bath bombs, and is the same citric acid we use in our bath bombs to give all that fizz!!!. The fine grain structure will keep from making big grainy lumps in your bath bombs.
  • Craft Beer/ Winemaking - Use citric acid to increase the acidity of your home brew to add a little tartness and citrus flavoring. 
  • Tomato Canning - Adding citric acid during the canning process of tomatoes is necessary to raise the acidity of the canned tomatoes and prevent bacterial growth.



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