How to use a bubble bar (or, Bubble bars are AWESOME!!!!)

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How to use a bubble bar (or, Bubble bars are AWESOME!!!!)

What's better than a bathtub full of wonderful bath bomb goodness?? A bathtub that's filled with bath bomb AND Bubble bar goodness!!! :) 

One of the most common questions we get is what is / how do I use a bubble bar? 

For starters, bubble bars are kind of like solid bubble bath. While bath bombs are meant to release oils and salts for you to soak in, bubble bars are for, well, BUBBLES!!! And while they come in many different shapes and sizes, they all pretty much operate the same way. 

The best way to use your bubble bar is to start filling up your tub like you normally would. Once you get the water to that perfect temp (which if you're anything like me is just after scalding but juuuuust before lava), and then hold your bubble bar under the running water and slowly massage it until it starts to crumble. You want to to try to keep from having large chunks floating around, because the running water helps activate it, and large pieces of bubble bar will more or less just float around. 

The great thing about bubble bars is the ridiculous amount of bubbles you get, and it pairs PERFECTLY with a bath bomb. In fact, we even sell bath bomb / bubble bar combos just for that reason! 


The top half of our Diva cupcake is all bubble bar, while the bottom is an AMAZING smelling bath bomb (think 1000 wishes). So to get the most out of your bath, you simply pop the top off of the cupcake, hold it under some running water, and then once your tub is full of bubbles, pop the bottom part of it in the water, climb in, and then sooooooooak

And that's it! 

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  • Melissa Antoniewicz

    Why cant I get bubbles

  • Denise Rial

    I am absolutely obsessed with the bath bombs and the bath bars! Love these products and I am so thrilled with how the product feels on my sensitive skin! I won’t use anything else! The bath bars I also use as an exfoliant on my skin and it also lathers up. My skin loves it! Excellent if you also want to moisturize your skin! Thank you so much!!

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