Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles?

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Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles?

Here's a question we get pretty regularly from people who are just learning about what a bath bomb is. Do Bath Bombs make bubbles??

The answer, is, well, kind of? lol. 

So when you use a bath bomb, you can expect it to swirl and foam and color the water (especially if it's a Soakey Dokey Bath Bomb ;) but it doesn't quite fill the tub with bubbles like you might expect from bubble bath or a Bubbly Bar.

Here's an image showing how you might expect a bath bomb to perform. In this case this is our Sunset Bath Bomb

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See how it foams as it colors the water? Night quite a bubble bath, but every bit as luxurious as one! :) 

If you guys have any questions or if there's a topic you'd like us to address feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Bombing! :) 



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