An introduction to Team Soakey Dokey

Welcome to the Soakey Dokey BLOG!! This is our very first blog entry, so it seems like the appropriate thing to do would be to introduce ourselves : )  We are a small (two person) team.  Here's a pic of us: 



(hint: the pretty one is Marcy, the goofy looking one is me!) 

Together, we are the entire Soakey Dokey operation. We make the bath bombs ourselves (soooo many bath bombs, lol), the packaging, the designing, running the websites and online stores, all of it (and especially the testing! lol).

Which means we're pretty much ALWAYS busy, which is FANTASTIC! :) When we started in the bathbomb business we thought it would just be something fun to do. Marcy LOVES the idea of designing new things, so this was a great opportunity to get creative and try a new medium. What we ended up with was the (ever-growing!) line of bathbombs that we make, and a LOT of orders for them, lol. We had no idea they would be this popular, but we're so excited and so THRILLED at how many people love our bath bombs. It's been a little overwhelming at times keeping up, but we have had hands down the BEST customers which has made it that much more rewarding! And we hope to keep growing and keep supplying you with the best and most luxurious bathing experience around! 


Anyone who is reading this is the absolute BEST,

- J




  • Sheri Stack

    I absolutely love these bath bombs. I can’t stop buying more. The colors are unique. You want to try all the different ones. When the package is delivered to my house I can smell the fragrance when I open the box. I look forward to soaking in my bathtub every morning. I am disabled it’s become an obsession with me. I have a large drawer in my bathroom that has nothing but bath bombs in them. Probably 100. But when I found Soakey Dokey A few years ago they just sit there. There is no comparison. Soakey Doakey is the best. This size is amazing compared to other ones. I truly recommend them to everybody try them once and you’ll become obsessed with these bath bombs!!!

  • Christa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Bath Bombs. I first tried them almost 2 years ago while I was going through Chemo treatments and WOW what a treat. Thank you for such a luxurious product.

  • Olga

    Absolutely love Marcy and Joe, they’re most kind, and their bath bombs are the bomb!!!!

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